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Branched Oak is a family farm. The dairy cows are given no artificial hormones or antibiotics and we don't use any chemical herbicides, insecticides or synthetic fertilizers anywhere on our farm. All of these things help us grow nutitious food while keeping the air and water clean and the soil alive.

ShadowBrook is a small, family owned specialty vegetable farm. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and are devoted to being good stewards of our land. We want to help move towards a "regional food system" where food is sold directly to the consumer rather then traveling many miles to reach your plate.

Clover Cove emphasizes the benefits of organic dairy products, grass-fed livestock, low-impact living, and encourages the exploration of raw (unpasteurized) dairy products. Clover Cove is family-run, and has been in the Gotschall family for four generations.


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  • Glengarry Cheesemaking
  • Nelson Jameson,
  • Chez source