Classes and Consulting

As to date, there have been five cheese makers who have used the Farmstead First dairy processing plant. We have expanded from our original 12x16 space to include an additional 24x16 room. This includes a 6x12 walk-in aging room for surfaced-ripened cheeses and a 5x16 incubation room where we will be able to begin making yogurt. Facility usage fees are a fixed rate of $40 / batch plus a variable rate of $.40 / gallon.

Our first formal class was offered in the fall of 2006, and we continue to offer these classes in by personal arrangement with the cheese makers. These cheese making classes are intended for food hobbyists and restraunteurs who are interested in the gourmet and local food scene.

Part of our mission is to be an incubator for new producers and small dairies interested in beginning a farmstead dairy or cheese making operation. Farmers who want to create a value-added product from their milk are invited to take classes or use our facility to develop their own variety of cheese. We offer free tours of the facility and initial consultation. A consulting fee of $35 / hr will be asked for resources, materials and information beyond the initial visit.

We invite a professional cheese maker to host a 1-3 day class every year in the fall. There are also day classes for $40 / person, $60 / for two, or $80 for a maximum of three people. Please email us to arrange a class or to be on our email list for upcoming events.